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Professional upholstery cleaning service in Dublin

Our master upholstery cleaning technicians in Dublin provide an award-winning cleaning service that will help extend the life of your furniture.

Expert upholstery cleaning service in Dublin suitable to all material types

Rated Cleaners is experts in upholstery cleaning services and also can take care of any furniture kind. We clean sofas, chairs, curtains, drapery as well as anything upholstered by using premium technology. We utilize the most recent upholstery cleaning methods as well as figure out which one to perform depending on your upholstery’s material type, which can be silk, Haitian cotton, velour, combed corduroy, leather, etc.

For natural leather as well as fragile materials, we advise dry upholstery cleaning. Anyway, if your sofa is made from synthetic fibres, then we can perform hot water extraction cleaning. Regardless of the cleaning approach, at the end of both solutions you’ll obtain a Scotchgard ™ upholstery therapy, which will safeguard your materials from future stains, such as ink, red wine, shoe brush, blood, crayons and also more. This perk is also suitable to our carpet cleaning service.

Note: You can reserve upholstery cleaning as a combination handle post-tenancy, along with stove and also stove valeting or residential residence cleaning, as well as gain from our unique discounts as well as deals when you schedule multiple services. For more rewards as well as benefits, join our Club.

Just how does our heavy steam upholstery cleaning service in Dublin work?

Hot water extraction is the most efficient sofa cleaning approach. The solution begins with the application of special detergents, which are been experts for the removal of typical upholstery stains, such as coffee, oily food, blood, ink, crayon, vomit, and so on.

When the stains are pretreated, your upholstery cleaning service technician will infuse hot water into the sofa’s fibres, which entirely removes the built up gunk and dust.

Many thanks to the machine’s suction capability the injected water is removed back with all the dislodged dirt, leaving your upholstery flawlessly cleaned and also deodorised.

Keep in mind: Some stains like hair dye might have damaged the materials permanently as well as you can not anticipate us to remove such stains. Likewise, keep in mind that such stains can drive much deeper right into the upholstery’s fabric if you attempt to clean them on your own, which makes the cleaning procedure impossible.

Dry upholstery cleaning in Dublin for your most delicate furniture

To secure your upholstery’s textile from discolouration, your sofa cleaning service technician will thoroughly analyze their special as well as apply among the complying with techniques:.

  • Dry solvent cleaning: This approach is designed for extremely delicate materials and does not include water whatsoever. A powdered solvent is applied to textile, which on a microscopic level like a magnet brings in all dirt as well as dust. After that, all of this is cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, without any opportunity of harming your sofa or chair.
  • Dry foam cleaning: As soon as all the stains are pretreated a low wetness detergent is used on the material and afterwards carefully massaged with a revolving brush. When the upholstery is flawlessly cleaned, the service technician vacuums the location so there are no foam residues, and with that said your upholstery cleaning service ends.
  • Natural leather sofa cleaning: We efficiently clean couches made from aniline, nubuck as well as secured leather by utilizing professional detergents, created for this upholstery kind. The process includes applying the foregoing service and then cleaning only with a cotton towel, so as not to damage the leather.

Note: If the natural leather is tarnished, after that there is a chance that the damages is irreversible and the sofa cleaners can’t get the persistent stains.

Professional mattress cleaning service in Dublin is also offered

Did you recognize that the same as your sofa, your mattress additionally needs some deep cleaning every now and then? Yes, when continuously utilized, mattresses build up a significant amount of dust and also consequently dust mites. If you are considering revitalizing your bed mattress, after that our mattress cleaning service is just for you! Hot water extraction will certainly take care of every family stains and also dirt by leaving your bed mattress entirely recovered.

At the end of the solution, the mattress cleaning technician will certainly supply you with complimentary air mover, considering that the downside of the mattresses take longer to air-dry.

Keep in mind: Some stains can trigger damage to the mattresses’ fabric and also can not be removed entirely.

For additional assurance, add antiviral sanitisation to your upholstery cleaning service

Our antiviral upholstery sanitisation kills 99.999% of hazardous infections and also germs, consisting of Coronavirus, MRSA and also HIV. It can be reserved just in mix with steam upholstery cleaning service and includes three steps:.

Pre-treating your upholstery: Before starting the actual steam cleaning process, the professional will spray your sofa or bed mattress with an EN1276 CERTIFIED antiviral detergent, which is secure for any type of wet-cleanable surface area.

Perturbing the detergents: To ensure that the antiviral detergents go even deeper into your furniture or mattress, the upholstery cleaning professional will perform an unique anxiety technique and wait on 15 minutes.

Steam cleaning your upholstery: Once the time has passed, the detergent has removed 99.999% of all germs and also viruses in your upholstery and also the specialist will certainly wage steam upholstery cleaning.

Professional Sofa Cleaning

Appropriate for cotton, velvet, viscose, silk, woollen, linen and also artificial couches

When you consider your material sofa, consider it as if it were your coat. Would certainly you wear it for 5 years without cleaning it? Sofas, elbow chairs, dining chairs and other upholstered textile furniture in your home need normal upkeep clean to maintain it looking excellent. In fact, we suggest that you have your upholstery sofa properly cleaned annually to keep it hygienic and extend its lifespan.

Sofa steam cleaning – the deep upholstery cleaning

Here at Rated Cleaners, we assure high-grade results from our specialist upholstery cleaning services, offering the whole of Dublin at competitive and also inexpensive rates. For a lot of furniture pieces, we use expert upholstery steam cleaning equipments with special shampoo and discolor removal remedies.

Sofa Dry Cleaning for those delicate fibres

Sofa dry cleaning is the best method for cleaning fragile couches, including some velour couches. Delicate pieces can only be cleaned by hand making use of expert products comparable to the ones made use of by dry cleaners for your clothes, in which situation we’ll use unique cleaning remedies and a soft towel to do the job. We utilize the best techniques and items to obtain your furniture looking just as good as new.

Sofa stain removal

Spillages do take place, so when catastrophe strikes, make certain to give us a call asap, since the faster the stain is tackled, the more probable it is that we’ll have the ability to get it out! And while it might be appealing to simply attempt and also get it out on your own using economical discolor cleaner, possibilities are that you’ll only make the area worse.

Just how much does upholstery cleaning service cost?

We provide affordable and also budget friendly rates, with no added or concealed charges. There are 3 levels of service, Silver, Gold and Platinum readily available to all. Our service provides fantastic value for cash, and also incomparable quality and also client care.

How to book sofa cleaning Dublin solution?

If you’re interested in upholstery cleaning in Dublin, please give us a call on (01 )4293648 or load in the contact form to get a cost-free quote, or a friendly recommendations.

Which is the most effective upholstery cleaning approach?

We offer hot water extraction, also described as upholstery steam cleaning for many cotton, artificial, and also mixed fiber sofas, as well as on-site dry cleaning, for delicate fibres like Viscose and also Tencel

How long would certainly it consider the sofa to dry after steam cleaning?

It usually takes around 4-5 hrs to dry out normally. It depends upon the fibres as natural fibres take in more dampness than artificial ones.

Do you clean a velvet couches?

Yes we do. We have cleaned lots of velour sofas from Loaf, Sofa.com, Made.com, Romo etc throughout the years, and we have accomplished excellent results

Do you clean high-end sofas?

We clean all type of soft furniture, nevertheless we mainly specialise in aiding you look after your high-end sofas like Roche Bobois, Ligne Roset, Rolf Benz, Frato, to name yet a couple of.

Upholstery and Sofa cleaning prices

The various kinds of fabrics call for different cleaning strategy, treatment and ability. We are totally guaranteed and also accredited upholstery cleaning specialists. The rates listed below apply to hot water extraction method also known as steam cleaning. We can also perform dry cleaning for delicate materials. Please contact us as well as we can go over. Our upholstery cleaning prices are absolutely economical for every person. Our Silver solution is wonderful for tenants leaving their rental homes. Gold service is customer’s much-loved, because it stands for the best value for money.The Platinum solution has all benefits of the Gold service, with an included benefit of the stain protection which will help keep your sofa wonderful as well as clean for longer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long till my upholstery dries after steam cleaning?

If the upholstery is wool fiber, after that it will certainly take between four and also seven hrs. Besides that, it needs to be about 3 to six hrs.

What happens if my upholstery is harmed?

Well, crashes do take place every so often. This solution is 100% guaranteed so you will certainly be made up as necessary.

What is your availability?

We give services seven days a week! The weekend is not a problem and we can also help you throughout official vacations. Likewise, evening consultations can be set up.

What is your coverage?

We cover every one of Dublin. We likewise cover: Oxford, Reading, Hemel Hempstead, and Guildford. If you can not locate your location listed below, then merely offer us a call. – We cover much more!

Are chemicals used during the cleaning service?

Yes, nevertheless, they are entirely risk-free for use in a domestic environment. Yet in case you are sensitive to certain chemicals, then please let us recognized ahead of time so we can provide you with alternative methods to clean your upholstered products.

Do I need to pay the car parking fee?

The rate we quote you does not consist of any type of auto parking as well as congestion fees so we kindly ask you to look after that and to ensure that there will certainly be a complimentary parking space near your residential or commercial property prior to the service occurs.

How can I spend for the solution?

We accept credit/debit cards and also bank transfers.

What does leather upholstery cleaning include?

The service starts with a detailed examination of the product in order to determine its condition and also to what level the upholstery specialist will certainly have the ability to clean it. Then he will evaluate a little non-visible patch of the natural leather to see precisely how well the dirt is coming off. After the test, the specialist will apply a foam natural leather cleaner throughout the material. It will properly take in all the dirt in a few minutes. He will certainly make use of a soft brush to work the cleaning option. He will wipe the piece with a cotton towel. When the upholstery is flawlessly clean, the professional will use a natural leather rejuvenator. It takes between 1 as well as 2 hours until the revitalizing solution dries.

Carpet Cleaning Tips & Tricks

How To Get Crimson Wine Stains Out Of Carpets, Rugs, Sofas & Upholstery?

It is a truth universally acknowledged that pink wine and carpets are like two peas in a pod. We all change to popping open a nice oaky bottle of wine nonetheless accidents normally materialize with household or friends. We know it truly isn’t pleasant getting a crimson red splodge on your spotless carpet. Worry not! If we can not get rid of your stain, no other firm can. Our alternatives utilized at Dublin Carpet Cleaning LTD are complementary to stains and the carpet and are much much better than the chemical substances identified on the marketplace. When utilized, we extract it promptly and take out the stain without having the substances harmful the carpets texture and color. Out of the 1000’s of carpet cleaning internet websites only a handful can skillfully recommend and take out your stain. 

How to clear away a pink wine stain on your carpet?

  1. Blot the stain as before long as doable with a white towel so that no other colour is transferred to the carpet or the stain from the towel.
  2.  Pour cold water or club soda on to the stain and carry-on blotting so that any extra liquid is taken out. It is critical to remember not to rub as you can break down and hurt the fibres of your carpet.
  3. Carry on blotting until eventually the towel soaks up the stain. Use yet another if as well significantly has been soaked up.

How to use a stain remover? 

If you are in a hurry to take away your stain and want to use stain solutions, at Dublin Carpet Cleaning LTD we strongly recommend to try it initially on an unseen component of the carpet, irrespective of whether it is in the corner of the room or even a spare patch of carpet still left following acquiring it mounted. Accomplishing this makes certain you are informed of any reactions that may possibly choose place inside of the fibres of your carpet ahead of working with it on the stain. When using it on the stain, begin on the edge somewhat than in the center, guaranteeing that the stain does not unfold from its midpoint. Once more, remember to do not wait to simply call and inquire us.

How to take away red wine stain on your rug?

  1. Blot the stain as shortly as doable. Make certain to use a white towel so that the dyes from the towels do not transfer to the rug.
  2.  Pour cold water or club soda on to the stain and have-on blotting so that any extra liquid is eradicated. Tip: (use heat water if the stain is more mature)
  3. Use a dabbing technique rather of rubbing so that the wine does not thrust into the rug more. Valuable idea: check out implementing moderate force and quick dabs to assistance the wine lift out. 
  4. Have on applying the dabbing system until the towel soaks up the stain. Do not use the exact towel for way too extensive ensuring the soaked-up towel does get started to stain the rug. Use a different if way too substantially has been soaked up.

What not to do:

No rug is the identical, artificial rugs will be addressed in a different way to organic fibres this sort of as wool and cotton. At the exact same time, no wine stain is the is identical. Even however we depend on the web for most of our queries, at Dublin Carpet Cleaning LTD we suggest not to adhere to web-site guidance that includes use of chemical compounds and stain removers. Substances that accommodate to all wine stains are extremely hard to locate for every single wine has particular aspects and reacts in a different way. 

We all know the wrestle to eliminate crimson wine even so treatments out there to purchase on line can hurt the fibres generating up your rug and could likely stain it for fantastic, switching the colour and texture of your once flawless rug.

Take note: Elements these types of as Silk and Jude can only be dry cleaned by pros. Silk is very delicate and any liquid make contact with will leave a residue. Jude may perhaps shrink with any liquid get hold of. We strongly recommend only specialist stain removing to be taken on these forms of rugs.  

Purple wine spilled on a grey sofa sofa.

How to take out pink wine stains from your sofa?

  1. Act Speedy- Pour Chilly water or Soda Water (glowing water may possibly also help- the bubbles of gasoline aid press the stain out of the sofa)
  2. Using the dabbing system- do not rub. Applying a white towel or white or white napkins (do not make the basic mistake of employing dyed components as the color could basically transfer to the sofa). Dab the stain in gentle motions – this prevents the stain even further penetrating your sofas fibres)
  3. Blot right up until all the stain has been transferred to the towel/serviette and leave to dry.

Do’s and Don’ts:

Tip #1: You may perhaps read on the web that sprinkling salt in excess of your freshly split wine will aid raise the stain- Be sure to DO NOT DO THIS! As mentioned over, pink wine has tannins and when reacted with salt, the stain could be established completely. It is easier to remove a stain from your sofa than changing your sofa with a new just one!

Idea #2: Commence doing the job your way to the centre of the stain – this indicates that the stain will not turn out to be much larger although blotting it .

Suggestion #3: At Dublin Carpet Cleaning LTD we strongly advise to hold out for expert action with delicate components these types of as velvet or swede. These can only be completed with dry cleaning technique as any liquids interacted with these types of elements will leave an undesirable residue. 

Idea #4: If you are in urgent want to treatment method and desire to use retail store bought chemical compounds, spot take a look at it on an unseen or smaller concealed section of your upholstery merchandise, in scenario the chemical affects the colour/texture of your sofa. Even though we do not endorse utilizing substances, we will be content to talk you by way of how to use a stain remover successfully about the telephone.


Rated Cleaners Ireland is an acclaimed carpet cleaning company with more than 20,000 favorable shopper evaluations. Our business carpet cleaning makers recuperate approximately 98% of dirt, germs and also water utilized in the cleaning system: this compares with 40% elimination from scaled-down cellular devices. In the course of the decades, we have in fact cleaned hundreds of carpets and also upholstery for shoppers in the Dublin. We are happy to have basically been elected the no. 1 carpet cleaners in the Dublin by our buyers.

How Do We Clear away Blood Stains from Carpets, Rugs and Upholstery?

With young children there are usually incidents, regardless of whether it’s a slice or a bloody nose your upholstery is usually one particular of the victims! Online there are so a lot of tales and myths about how to clear away blood stains even so if not provided with the experienced guidance the stain could sink in and turn into everlasting! As a result we have we have gathered the ideal data to help you get rid of just one of the most challenging stains recognised to male (primarily if it has dried out). Regardless of whether its fresh or dried at Dublin Carpet Cleaning LTD we know how to enable tackle this difficult obstacle.

Why blood is difficult to remove?

Your blood contains haemoglobin , as soon as uncovered to oxygen in the air, it starts to clot. Inspite of this remaining incredibly beneficial when you have a slash on your skin. It is not when clotting begins on your spotless carpet or sofa. If remaining much too long the the moment crimson red stain will convert brown and will turn into even extra stubborn. To support you discover a customized answers to triumph over this tricky impediment, follow these procedures and opt for which accommodates best to your stain.

Understanding your upholstery substance:

Ahead of we reveal very important methods in cleaning your blood stains it is a good concept to recognize some of the distinct types of material that your furniture is built up of. Just about every fabric has distinct fibre toughness and have specific necessities in buy to raise longevity and high-quality. Owning knowledge on the key characteristics of your upholstery will enable you determine regardless of whether or not to deviate from certain washing suggestions and create your possess cleaning changes. We have split the most well-known and purchased textiles in the Eire into categories that is helpful for you to be knowledgeable of:

  • Simple to clean: Polyester, acrylic, Olefin, Nylon
  • Extensive long lasting: Olefin, Nylon, Polyester, Acrylic
  • Not very long lasting: Rayon
  • Tough Cleaning procedure AND not incredibly stain resistant: Wool, Cotton
  • Superior -Abrasion Resistance: Nylon
  • Very low-humidity cleaning: Rayon
  • Demands dry cleaning technique: Velvet, Silk, Jude, Swede.

Dublin Carpet Cleaning LTD Do’s and Don’ts:

  • DO dress in gloves when dealing with blood. Diseases this kind of as HIV/AIDS, Syphilis and Hepatitis (B and C) are transmitted via blood. Viruses can survive up to a 7 days outside of a host.
  • DO check the labels for upholstery cleaning guidance as nicely you do not want to close up ruining the essence to your residence room.
  • DO carefully dampen the stain instead of producing it entirely wet.
  • DO try employing a toothbrush in buy to regulate the stain cleaning (particularly if it is a tiny blood stain)
  • DO NOT clean blood with hot water. As haemoglobin is a protein, protein stains will set forever when put together with hot water.
  • DO NOT rub the stain – blotting is the most advisable system for any stain removing.
  • DO NOT soak the stain- as the water will be yet another weight on the stain, as a result pushing it further more into the fibres of your cloth.
  • DO NOT use colored rags, sponges, paper towels or towels to clean your stain. This will reduce color transfer to your upholstery.

How to take away refreshing blood from your carpets, rugs and sofas?

  1. Use paper towels to gently take up any excess blood from the spot. Be careful to blot gently so that you do not press the blood into the upholstery or cloth. Do not rub or smear the blood, which will make a more substantial and tougher to take away stain.
  2. Dampen a white towel with cold water and location around the stained region to reduce the stain from drying and placing into the upholstery. For various hours, the moistened towel will help hold the stain from drying. These primary, speedy techniques can help make upholstery stain removal more rapidly and easier the moment you’ve appropriately dealt with the blood stain.
  3. Merge a single tablespoon of moderate dishwashing liquid and two cups of chilly water in a large mixing bowl.
  4. Use the answer to the stain with a sponge in gentle motions
  5. To take away additional liquid, blot with a dry cloth or paper towel.
  6. Repeat these techniques right up until the discoloration is gone.
  7. Rinse the detergent-stained location with a clean towel dampened in chilly water.
  8. Blot with a dry paper towel to take out any excessive liquid.
  9. Leave to air dry.

You could also try to use washing soda!

  1. Mix 3 components washing soda with 1 section water to make a thick paste
  2. Use the paste to the stain all about. It must totally include it
  3. Enable time for the remedy to function consequently, go away it for at minimum an hour. (Leaving it to get the job done overnight is the greatest-circumstance scenario)
  4. Right after the solution has dried wipe absent the dried paste with a fabric to view the consequence.
  5. Remove any energy remaining of the washing soda with a moist fabric.

What about aged blood stains?

Taking away older stains will be more durable and more durable even so we continue to recommend our cold water approach. We strongly suggest not to use any chemical compounds on your carpets, sofas or rugs as not all substances are compatible with the fibres your upholstery and the elements in the blood stain. Practically 100% of solutions available for obtain online will completely hurt your carpet’s fibres, most likely making the stain permanent.

If you desperately want to use a stain remover Dublin Carpet Cleaning LTD strongly advise you to exam it very first on an unnoticed portion of the carpet or rug, these kinds of as a corner of the room or a spare patch of substance you experienced before obtaining it. This assures that you are knowledgeable of any reactions that may possibly come about inside of the fibres just before working with it on the true stain.

Need qualified support?

Couldn’t remove your stain? The industry experts we deploy are perfectly-qualified in stain removal. They will use the very best cleaning tactic for your upholstery merchandise primarily based on the stain and the substance. You can believe in us to clear away the stubborn blood stain in get to restore the quality of your furnishings. Reserve a stain elimination technician with us at Dublin Carpet Cleaning LTD and speak to us at Call Now.


Rated Cleaners Eire is an acclaimed carpet cleaning business with around 20,000 favorable purchaser evaluations. Our business carpet cleaning makers get better roughly 98% of dirt, germs and also water used in the cleaning method: this compares with 40% removal from lesser mobile programs. During the many years, we have truly cleaned hundreds of carpets and also upholstery for buyers in the Dublin. We’re happy to have really been elected the no. 1 carpet cleaners in the Dublin by our consumers.

How Do We Clear away Grease Stains from Rugs, Carpets or Sofas?

No make any difference how tough you check out to be neat and tidy by some means a topping of a pizza may well drop off or grease from your burger drips as you bite into it. At Dublin Carpet Cleaning LTD we can all agree with you that grease stains is a sensitive and unpleasant matter. Especially if you have kids, who appreciates in which their greasy arms have been! 

 They wreck your garments, vehicle seats, curtains and most importantly the base of your very property – your carpets, rugs and sofas. Grease stains are sticky and are notably recognised for sinking deep into your furnishings. They make the great residing space for undesired guests into your household these types of as micro organism and dust mite. Sadly We can’t just put them into a washing machine, that is why we have set together a skillfully composed guideline on how to address grease stains ideal absent, earning guaranteed you elevate the longevity of your upholstery and so buying new types before than anticipated will not be needed.

How to remove dried grease stains:

When you see oil stains on your carpet, act speedily. The stain will established further in the fibres of your carpet the for a longer period it sits there. Baking soda is just one of the most potent grease stain removers it dissolves oil deposits from the stain when also deodorising the region.

The actions for eliminating a stubborn grease stain from your carpet making use of baking soda are as follows:

  1. On the stained spot, sprinkle the baking soda. Baking soda will take in all of the stain’s extra grease.
  2. Scrub some powder into the carpet/ rug or sofa with a clean cloth. Tip: if the stain is scaled-down check out making use of a toothbrush for highest management.
  3. Allow for the powder to infiltrate your carpets or rugs fibres and absorb a lot more grease by applying light stress.
  4. Allow for 15 minutes for the baking powder to soak up absent the grease stain.
  5. Following 15 minutes, vacuum the baking soda out of the carpet. Make certain that all powder residue is removed.
  6. If the grease stain stays, dampen a clean cloth with a answer of a couple of drops of liquid cleaning soap and a cup of clean water.
  7. Carefully blot the stain employing a dabbing approach advertisement implementing average stress right until the stain slowly gets lighter.
  8. Once you can see the stain is absent. Allow the upholstery air dry.

How to get rid of fresh grease from your stains ideal absent:

  1. Get some paper towels if you have been fortunate plenty of to capture the stain in time. Soak up as much grease as you can, but what ever you do, DO NOT RUB. For 20 minutes, deal with the place with a paper towel.
  2. Now lightly rub your baking soda/talcum powder on the stain.
  3. Clean up your dry part with a vacuum.

How to get rid of your grease stain using washing up liquid:

Grease stains on carpet can’t be taken out with just water. You can quickly remove grease stains by utilizing liquid soap, which serves as an emulsifier. This method performs perfectly on each damp and dry grease stains.

  1. In a mixing basin, make a solution with 14 cups liquid cleaning soap and 1 cup heat water.
  2. Dip a clean cloth in the solution and dab the spot on the carpet with it. Utilize light stress to the grease stain to allow for the cleaning resolution to permeate the carpet fibres.
  3. Make it possible for 10 minutes for the course of action to full.
  4. Blot the taken care of area with a clean, dry fabric in a gentle movement utilizing the dabbing system. You might commence to detect that the stain from the carpet has transferred to the dry cloth.
  5. Double-check the region if no stain continues to be, keep on with the drying procedure.
  6. Stack a couple of paper towels more than the dealt with spot and protected them with a significant item, such as a compact piece of furnishings.
  7. Allow for to dry right away.

What to prevent:

No stain is the identical, all wines have diverse chemical homes that demand tailored procedure the identical goes for every diverse textiles. In spite of what other internet sites could recommend, the greatest advice we could give is to hardly ever use chemical compounds on the stain you appear throughout. There is not just one chemical that can accommodate all wine stains and carpets no matter of what the web states. 99% of remedies readily available to acquire online will permanently injury the fibres inside your carpet and could probably make your stain long lasting. However, grease stains are notoriously tricky to eliminate. The oils within the remedy soak into the fibres and established nearly immediately.

Can’t get it out? 

Never give up if neither of these techniques worked. Grease stains can be tricky to take away at instances. Never stress, Dublin Carpet Cleaning LTD will just take care of every little thing for you. A contact to our crew of seasoned stain removal gurus will go a extensive way! We will also be a lot more than joyful to give any totally free advice or chat by how to clean your stain above the cellphone. Just just connect with us at 02089302650.


Rated Cleaners Eire is an acclaimed carpet cleaning organization with more than 20,000 favorable consumer evaluations. Our professional carpet cleaning makers get well roughly 98% of dirt, germs and also water utilized in the cleaning course of action: this compares with 40% removing from scaled-down cellular devices. In the course of the yrs, we have in fact cleaned hundreds of carpets and also upholstery for buyers in the Dublin. We are very pleased to have in fact been elected the no. 1 carpet cleaners in the Dublin by our buyers.

How to take away candle wax from your carpets, rugs and sofas?

We have all attempted to build some normal heat lighting utilizing candles although unwinding in front of the television on a Friday night time. When going all over and receiving comfier, knocking around your candles can seem to be like the finish of the globe. Accidents come about, and that is okay! At Dublin Carpet Cleaning, we fully grasp. The good thing is, we’ve obtained you included with a straightforward approach and some qualified guidelines to aid you eliminate your waxy, oil-dependent stain.

A mild reminder: If you have any thoughts about any of our methods or solutions, or if you have to have aid cleaning candle wax from your carpet, rug, or sofa, contact us at Connect with Now and we’ll be additional than joyful stroll you by way of the course of action phase by phase.

Candle wax is not complicated to take out from carpeting if you consider your time and know what you’re carrying out. Resist the impulse to clean up the hot wax as quickly as it spills you’ll just wind up spreading it about and creating a greater mess. Let it to solidify entirely right before trying to confine it to its former size.

Tip 1: If you would like to velocity up the hardening area a several ice cubes in a gallon-sized container or a plastic lunch baggie (whichever will address the spilled wax). This will change the molten wax into a sound and make it somewhat brittle in about 5 minutes. It will be straightforward to take out in areas as a final result of this.

Idea 2: Make certain you do not basically take the wax out of your upholstery more than and yet again, due to the fact this may hurt the fibres. Using a uninteresting knife and your fingertips, carefully get rid of the wax.

What you will will need?

  • A Ziploc bag of ice cubes
  • Parchment paper   –  if you do not have parchment paper attempt utilizing a paper towel
  • A hairdryer or iron
  • A incredibly blunt butter knife
  • A damp towel or cloth
  • Rubbing alcohol (for coloured candles)

Technique 1 – Working with an iron:

Ahead of making an attempt to clear away the wax, use your fingertips or a blunt butter knife to clear away big lumps that are quick to cope with.

  • Place a moist towel that is substantial adequate to include the stain absolutely so that the iron’s heat does not touch the carpet, couch or rug instantly thanks to the reality that it could possibly damage the fibres within just the textiles.
  • To take away the wax , place the iron to a medium setting, position it on the moist fabric, and move it over the stain.
  • If you can see that there is nonetheless some wax, repeat the system, making positive you switch to a contemporary element of the damp cloth. (remoisten the fabric if needed)

Method 2- Applying a hairdryer:

  • Scrape as much wax as you can off the carpet, rug, or sofa utilizing the level of a butter knife after the wax has solidified. Even though carrying out so, be cautious not to cut or injury the fibres in your fabrics.
  • With your vacuum cleaner, take away all of the scraped-off parts of wax.
  • If there is nevertheless wax on your carpet that is challenging to scrape off, place the knife absent and distribute parchment paper on major of the stain.
  • With your hair dryer on a medium to high placing, heat the parchment paper and the wax down below it. When the parchment paper starts off to soak up the wax stain, rotate it so that the wax is always coated by a clean area.
  • Carrying on performing this right up until all of the wax has been eradicated from the carpet. If the candle wax that melted on your carpet was coloured, wipe the destroyed locations with rubbing alcoholic beverages moistened cloth until eventually the colour is absent.
  • Finally, vacuum the wax-stained spot to validate that all traces of the stain is absent.

Tip 3: Commence blotting with the rubbing alcoholic beverages from the centre of the dyed wax stain, considering the fact that this will prevent the stain from turning into larger sized while getting wiped.

Idea 4: At Dublin Carpet Cleaning we remarkably recommend that you test the rubbing alcoholic beverages on an unnoticed element of the carpet, these as a corner of the room or a residual bit of carpet after it has been set up. This ensures that any reactions that could occur inside the fibres of your textiles are acknowledged ahead of using it to eliminate the stain.

Notice: Irrespective of our strategies being really successful and rewarding, we propose that just one of our very well educated experts at Dublin Carpet Cleaning remove candle wax stains from good materials like velvet and swede. Considering that any liquids that appear into get hold of with this kind of materials would depart an needless residue or watermark, they can only removed making use of a dry cleaning strategy.

Just cannot appear to be to get it out?

It’s high-quality if you cannot get it out! This just suggests that 1 of our competent industry experts may perhaps require to replenish your carpet. Soon after our staff of experienced carpet cleaners and professionals are carried out with your stain, your upholstery will be fresh new and immaculate. We deliver more than simply just actual physical assist and companies we are delighted to offer any cost-free assistance or tips. Only a couple enterprises are able of removing stubborn stains and substances from your textiles devoid of resulting in injury to the carpet. As a result as end result, if we just cannot get rid of candle wax remnants or stains, no other firm can do the occupation. You may possibly relaxation effortless recognizing that Dublin Carpet Cleaning Eire will get care of every thing.
Our treatment plans are substantially additional successful than those people accessible on the marketplace because they are supposed to interact with the two the stains and the carpet. We extract it as soon as attainable after software and eliminate the stain devoid of harmful the carpet’s texture or color. For even more details, please don’t be reluctant to simply call us at Call Now.


Rated Cleaners Eire is an acclaimed carpet cleaning company with in excess of 20,000 favorable customer evaluations. Our industrial carpet cleaning makers get better approximately 98% of dirt, germs and also water utilized in the cleaning course of action: this compares with 40% removal from smaller cell methods. All over the years, we have really cleaned hundreds of carpets and also upholstery for shoppers in the Dublin. We are proud to have really been elected the no. 1 carpet cleaners in the Dublin by our prospects.

How to clear away chewing gum from your upholstery?

Chewing gum is preferred amongst lots of people, specifically youngsters. Clean or dried gum residues, on the other hand, will not be welcomed by your carpets. Really do not stress if you spilled gum on your carpet there are various techniques to get the stain out. The subsequent solutions will be useful to anyone who demands to get rid of chewing gum. Only a modest quantity out of the thousands of qualified carpet cleaners like our entire trained specialists at Dublin Carpet Cleaning , can take away chewing gum traces and dried stains from carpets. Right after inspecting the carpet’s thickness and fibres, they utilise exclusive products and chemical-based methods. Nonetheless it is however probable to try to clean the carpet on your personal.

The use of stain removing products:

Inspite of the actuality that we rely on the world wide web for most of our obstructions we appear across, at Dublin Carpet Cleaning we strongly warn in opposition to utilizing chemical substances or stain removers that are proposed on the internet.
Artificial carpets are taken care of otherwise than normal fibres like wool and cotton, and just about every rug is one of a kind. At the exact same time, no two gum stains are very same. Examine the effect of any cleaning solution and various products and solutions on a modest section of the carpet ahead of using them to verify that the cleaning selection you pick is suitable with the carpet and will not injury it.
There are two techniques we have set alongside one another that will do the job on your rugs, couches, and carpets, but for materials like Silk and Jude, qualified dry cleaning is necessary. Silk is extremely sensitive, and it will depart a residue if it will come into contact with humidity. Jude might shrink if he will come into get hold of with everything he shouldn’t, these as liquid or heat. We extremely recommend only specialist involvement on certain kinds of rugs. We also use the exact technique when functioning with fragile fabrics like swede or velvet.

The Hairdryer Technique:

  • Matters you will require- A hairdryer , Rubber gloves (security)
  • Warmth the gum with your hair drier for a handful of seconds at a time to soften it (using a medium heat environment). Stay away from overheating the region or leaving the heat on for also lengthy, as this may possibly induce your carpet fibres to burn up.
  • Cautiously peel the gum from the fibres to start off getting rid of it. Don rubber gloves or some other type of security to preserve your fingers from starting to be sticky when you take out the gum.
  • Re-heat the carpet and repeat the process until you’ve removed as significantly chewing gum as possible. Once you’ve eliminated as substantially gum as probable from the carpet, use our rapid and straightforward procedure to take out any residue.

The Cooling Process:

  • Things you will need to have – Ice cubes, Location bag (zip lock bag), A butter knife or spoon
  • Fill the zip lock bag partially with ice cubes. Make guaranteed the zip lock bag is wholly dry ahead of making use of it, considering that moisture will damage your approach.
  • Implement gentle force to the chewing gum to solidify it dependent on the temperature of the room, you may will need to keep the bag on top of the gum for a handful of times to get the greatest success.
  • Clear away the ice pack and use the spoon or a blunt knife to meticulously scrape the gum from the carpet fibres (This must be a ton easier now that the gum has solidified)
  • Take away any chewed-up gum as swiftly as possible, just before it softens and will become sticky once again. Re-freeze as essential right up until all of the gum has been extracted from the carpet.

How can you get chewing gum stains out of your upholstery?

To get rid of any unpleasant residue just after cleaning as a great deal chewing gum as probable, insert half a teaspoon of dishwashing detergent to the carpet using a damp sponge or a white paper towel.

Examine the effect of any cleaning technique and various products and solutions on a little area of the carpet prior to employing them to verify that the cleaning selection you pick out is appropriate with the carpet and will not harm it.

Implement extra if the residue is more substantial, and use the dabbing technique to take out any residue left by the gum. Steer clear of rubbing as this may possibly damage the fibres of your fabrics and may possibly let the residue to enter deeper, generating it much more complicated to clear away.

Nonetheless can not get it out?

For a quantity of reasons, the suggested approach might not do the job nonetheless, if executing it oneself did not clear up the challenge, it would be preferable to have one of our professional specialists at Dublin Carpet Cleaning give a good quality stain elimination company. Be sure to connect with us at Get in touch with Now if you have any queries.


Rated Cleaners Eire is an acclaimed carpet cleaning organization with in excess of 20,000 favorable purchaser evaluations. Our professional carpet cleaning makers get well somewhere around 98% of dirt, germs and also water used in the cleaning course of action: this compares with 40% removing from smaller cellular systems. In the course of the years, we have truly cleaned hundreds of carpets and also upholstery for individuals in the Dublin. We are proud to have really been elected the no. 1 carpet cleaners in the Dublin by our prospects.

How to remove tea and espresso stains from your rugs, carpets and sofas?

Tea and espresso has been a typical beverage for generations in fact, most folks get started their day with these beverages! As a result, a spill is almost sure to materialize. As these drinks contain tannins from plant components, they can promptly absorb into the fibres of your upholstery. Even with the actuality that decaffeinated beverages does not incorporate this, they can leave unpleasant dry yellow/brown stains. As a end result, if stains are left too extensive, they may well be additional hard (even unachievable) to clear away.

Please never fear our companies at Dublin Carpet Cleaning, but also on the net and more than the mobile phone. We suggest you to call us and request any issues you may well have we will be delighted to wander you as a result of the procedure of getting rid of your stain. We cannot tension enough how vital it is to continue being interesting and act speedily to prevent the tea or espresso sinking into the rug’s fibres. Your outcomes will be much more productive if you react rapidly.

What are some helpful hints just before you start off?

Idea#1: Even though we do not advise placing chemical substances on your upholstery, if you insist on accomplishing so. For the reason that of the tannins in the beverages, use an acid-dependent stain remover.
Suggestion #2: Bleach ought to under no circumstances be utilised! (or goods using bleach) You will just damage your rug, sofa, or carpet, and we will be not able to repair service the damage.
Tip#3: If the stain is old and dried, do not attempt to clear away it at home considering the fact that we can not guarantee a profitable consequence.
Idea #4: Treat the stain absolutely to stop the stain from forever dyeing the fibres of your after-immaculate rug or carpet. Even even though internet websites endorse buying solutions on-line, not all chemical substances will do the job with the fibres in the rub and the substances in the beverage stain. Simply because you have been ignorant of the implications, your upholstery colour might have been irreversibly altered.

How to extract beverage stains from your rugs?

  • Soak up all of the stain using a white sponge (not colored to stay clear of even more harm to the rug owing to colour transfer) to reduce it from sinking any further more into the carpet than it already has.
  • Proceed dabbing with the sponge and blotting it (see here for the dabbing approach) Tip: Be cautious not to transfer the stain from the beverage to other spots.
  • Soak the moist sponge in 50 % a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid and lukewarm water. Carry on to wipe the stain. DO NOT RUB THE STAIN, given that this may perhaps cause damage to the rug’s fibres.
  • Go on washing the sponge to prevent transferring any soaked-up stain back on to the rug.

How to take out tea and espresso stains from your carpets?

  1. Working with an absorbent cloth, soak up as significantly of the stain as feasible.
  2. Use Cold water to rinse the stain. Mainly because gasoline bubbles drive the stain upwards, soda water or sparling water could help take out the stains a lot more correctly.
  3. Blot the stain with a white paper towel to soak up as considerably of the stain as achievable.
  4. If you want to utilize a stain remover, now is the time to do so. Nevertheless, we really suggest that you examination it on an unnoticed area of the carpet initially, so you can detect any responses that may possibly take place, which could possibly outcome in irreversible damage to your upholstery. Continue on blotting until finally all extra liquid has been removed, then let the stain air dry. If the stain stays, repeat the process if important.

Do you need even further support?

Sofas need to be cleaned using the exact same strategies as carpets. Surplus dampness could possibly induce mildew, so be watchful not to oversaturate the fabric. Expert cleaning is suggested for silk or antique upholstery, as home cleaning might result in water stains.
For a selection of factors, the prompt system may well not do the job however, if accomplishing it yourself did not clear up the issue, it would be preferable to have 1 of our pro specialists at Dublin Carpet Cleaning Ireland execute a good quality stain removal assistance. We would be thrilled if you call us with any thoughts – you can contact us at 0203 390 2157.


Rated Cleaners Eire is an acclaimed carpet cleaning company with about 20,000 favorable customer evaluations. Our business carpet cleaning makers get well roughly 98% of dirt, germs and also water utilized in the cleaning method: this compares with 40% elimination from smaller sized cellular techniques. In the course of the decades, we have actually cleaned hundreds of carpets and also upholstery for individuals in the Dublin. We are very pleased to have essentially been elected the no. 1 carpet cleaners in the Dublin by our consumers.